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The 26th Annual Florida Postharvest Horticulture Tour March 2 – 6, 2015

The Florida Postharvest Horticulture Tour brings participants “up-close and personal” to learn how fresh subtropical, tropical and temperate fruits, vegetables and ornamental crops are handled. With exclusive, behind-the-scene visits hosted by top management, the group becomes familiar with a variety of methods and technologies employed to harvest, pack, cool, ship and receive fresh crops.  This tour is designed for produce industry professionals, educators, researchers and students in such diverse areas as field and packinghouse management, transportation, wholesale and retail sales, and import/export. The group will visit large and small-scale operations, compare cooling technologies, visit a fresh-cut processor and a major supermarket distribution center.

Attaining Optimum Blueberry Yield Workshop – – October 28, 2014 & Central Florida Weather Watch



We are about a week away from the Florida Blueberry Growers Association Fall Seminar taking place in Plant City on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.  If you plan to attend and haven’t pre-registered, please do so ASAP by following the link: http://floridablueberrygrowers.com/sample-page/upcoming-meetings/.  I look forward to seeing everyone in Plant City.


As a follow-up to the hydrogen cyanamide workshop last year, there will be a “Attaining Optimum Blueberry Yield” Workshop occurring at the UF/IFAS – Lake County Office in Tavares, FL starting at 11:30 AM.  I have placed a link to the program Agenda, including the pre-registration link, below:




Even though temperatures are still warm, it is inevitable that most of us will have freeze protection on our mind before you know it.  Once again, we are offering the Central Florida Weather Watch resource to assist growers track threatening cold air masses as they approach the state.  The link below leads to the 2014-15 Central Florida Weather Watch resource.  If you plan to participate in the program, please follow the instructions on the form.




Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Crop Insurance

Dear Grower and FBGA member,

Your assistance is needed to hep us get Blueberry crop insurance coverage.

The Florida Blueberry Growers Association has requested the USDA Risk Management Agency to expand the blueberry crop insurance program throughout the state. Currently there are only 5 Florida counties covered under the MPCI Florida Blueberry Crop Insurance – Highlands, Alachua, Polk, Hillsborough and Putnam.

Please join us in showing your support by emailing Diane Amera, Director at the USDA RMA Regional Office. To kick off a form email to send to Ms. Amera:
Click this link http://www.farmcreditcfl.com/loans/crop-insurance.aspx
Click the red button on the page to launch the prefilled email addressed to Ms. Amera
Be sure to add your name at the bottom of the email. (You will also be able to edit the letter if you wish)
Click Send
Time is of the essence as the policies renew in November. This will only take a few minutes and will help Blueberry growers across the state!!

Thank You

Dudley Calfee
Florida Blueberry Growers Association


Farm Credit/Ag Institute Candidates Forum

Farm Credit and the Agriculture Institute of Florida wish to invite you to the Tenth Quadrennial Farm Credit/Ag Institute Candidates Forum on Thursday September 25, 2014 at 11:30 am at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Candidates for Florida’s governor and Cabinet positions will share their views on critical agricultural issues, providing an excellent opportunity for top industry leaders to meet those whose decisions will affect the agricultural industry for the next four years.

Historically, the forum attracts over 300 of the state’s most influential agricultural opinion leaders from virtually every commodity group as well as media (TV, radio, local print and trade publications) from around the state. The forum is held in conjunction with the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Associations (FNGLA) The Landscape Show which annually attracts over 6,000 nursery growers, landscape professionals and allied industry representatives.

We hope you will respond in the affirmative Ron O’Connor at ROConnor@FarmCreditCFL.com

Ron O’Connor, Director of Marketing & Governmental Affairs, Farm Credit of Central Florida, (863) 682-4117 Ext. 403.


Spotted Wing Drosophila: A Major Threat to the Florida Blueberry Industry

The spotted wing drosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura), is a serious threat to the Florida blueberry industry.  During the 2012 production season, SWD caused economic damage to blueberry growers in Florida that was estimated between 7-10 million dollars. Read More…


Grower 411: The Idea and Mission Behind the Blueberry Family Health Foundation

We all know the notoriety blueberries have received regarding their health benefits. Blueberries have several other things going for them; kids love them, and they are easy to prepare and eat. Rinse them off and pop them in your mouth. No peel or pit, just sweet (Fresh From Florida) deliciousness. Read More…


Rust Never Sleeps

Methods and Techniques for Managing Rust on the Farm

My my hey hey, Blueberry rust is here to stay, Is it better to burn it out, or let it fade away, my my hey hey…

Ok, that’s not how the song went was it? “Rust never sleeps” is also a phrase familiar to the vintage auto enthusiasts among us. Rust can rot out fenders and frame rails of cherished cars from the inside-out. I won’t name any marques known for this… but if you own one, you know who you are, and you worry about what part of your car is rusting away at any given time! Read More…


The Perfect Storm

Revenue plans can insure the Perfect Storm?

No one could have predicted this year’s harvest season. It was the “perfect storm.” Many factors seemed to all converge at one time. Florida berries were about three weeks late. Pricing was low in reaction to a possible flooded market. On top of all this, at the height of the harvest, many farms experienced three days of heavy rains. How do you insure against all this? Read More…

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  • Harplyn Irrigation
  • Green Trees and Plants II
  • Berry Care
  • Island Grove Products
  • Alpine
  • Fight Mummy Berrry with GP Solutions
  • Agrisource

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