Financial insight from the FAFMC

Highlights and risk management strategies from the 2016 Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference The 2016 Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference was held August 24-26 at the Omni ChampionsGate in Orlando, Florida to provide agribusinesses and the allied industry the most up-to-date and relevant information needed to manage financial risk and increase the bottom line for today’s farm operation. […]

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Aiding growers in making irrigation and cold protection decisions

Recent enhancements to FAWN allow for easier navigation on station-specific pages, plus an app for smartphone access THE FLORIDA AUTOMATED WEATHER NETWORK (FAWN), a program of the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), uses data from its network of 42 stations for a variety of weather-related tools that can aid growers in making irrigation and cold protection decisions. Growers rely on FAWN weather data to monitor current conditions, and FAWN tools for making decision related to irrigation, freeze protection, and chemical application. FAWN has been proven very useful in helping growers save both water and dollars. For example, UF/IFAS estimates show use of FAWN tools on cold nights can potentially generate savings of millions of dollars and billions of gallons of water statewide. […]

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President’s Letter: Learning from the past and moving forward

ONE OF THE GREAT PARTS of working in Florida agriculture is that every year we get to start fresh. If we learn from past successes or mistakes, then we have another opportunity to do a better job in a new season. But putting last season behind us will not be easy for some. While those fortunate few who had a good season or those who had crop or whole farm revenue insurance will be okay, many other farms are strained financially. […]

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Join “Fresh From Florida”

The vast majority of Florida’s 47,000 agricultural producers are small farmers. As such, they do not have the resources to individually conduct promotional and advertising campaigns to help market their products. By joining the Florida Agricultural Promotional [...]

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Financial Analysis After Harvest: Assessing Current Status, Improving Cash Flow, and Protecting Future Earnings

BY NOW, FLORIDA BLUEBERRY GROWERS have finished counting their till and are coming up short — more so for the commercially harvested than u-pick operations. The 2016 blueberry season was one of the most challenging we have seen during the recent expansion of the Florida blueberry industry. The culmination of events stemming from lack of chill hours to the cool spring affects of the El Niño weather pattern kept Florida growers from hitting the coveted market sweet spot that is critical for profitable returns. […]

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